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Cimarron Outdoors is a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring and accommodating individuals with physical limitations through the gifts of nature.

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Cimarron Hunt is a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring individuals with physical limitations through Christian fellowship, love of nature, and God's gifts to mankind, while encouraging, empowering, and elevating each man, woman, or child with specialized considerations for their individual needs to ensure safety and fun for all in the great outdoors. As an amputee myself since the age of thirteen, I know firsthand many of the challenges mobility impaired individuals encounter in daily life, as well as in recreational activities. Although, I am blessed and have overcome my personal challenges with minimal limitations, others are not as fortunate as myself.

It is with this inspiration and vision that Cimarron Hunt came into existence and has expanded into what is today. There are many pleasures and rewards in life and right at the top is serving and assisting wounded veterans, children destined to spend their life in a wheelchair, amputees, or any man or woman that is afflicted by a physical disability that would inhibit them from enjoying nature at its finest. Cimarron Hunt removes obstacles and affords opportunity to those in need, a way and a means to experience great adventure that may otherwise, deem it impossible for them to do so.


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